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“In essays that are bold, absorbing, insightful, and wise, the writers in Double Bind explore the complicated realities of what it means to be an ambitious woman today. I was enthralled by this important book, and moved too. I want to press it into the hands of everyone I know and say, Read it: the truth is inside.”

Cheryl Strayed, author of Tiny Beautiful Things

“The animating ethos of Double Bind is that there is soft political power in the discussions it offers—in stories that are both intimate and scalable. The book is dedicated to giving voice to a problem, thus humanizing it—and thus, also, productively re-complicating it…. In the spirit of the consciousness-raising circles of the late 20th century—the ones that revolved around the notion that the personal is indeed political—and, to a decidedly lesser extent, the Lean In circles of the early 21st, Double Bind trusts in the Arendtian alchemy through which putting words to things can make those things feel, and indeed can make them become, true.”

Megan Garber, TheAtlantic.com

“For an idea so richly marketable, ‘ambition’ proves surprisingly elusive as [Double Bind’s] two dozen female contributors—writers and doctors, professors and moms—attack from as many angles, giving this highly readable anthology the effect of an improv performance in which the talented actors keep saying ‘yes, and …’ . . . An anthology—with its arena of competing voices—is surely the correct approach to a topic in which no single perspective can hope to compass the whole story. Double Bind resists simplifying ambition into a pure good or a pure evil.”

Katy Waldman, Slate

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